Miserable Green Boy in ISEKAI DUNGEON 07.2022-Present

This project is supposed to my a long term exploration on digital storytelling net-based interaction. I am aware of the powerful and convenient tools of AR filter creation on the internet in platforms like sparkAR or 8th Wall and want to explore more of them than making efloating effects that bears no much infos. The indication of augumented reality in adding a mediated layer on the reality world through digital techniques has a special meaning for me as it is different virtual reality whichtries to block out the interface and the perceptual existence of reality within the user’s arena. I make connection between the “transporting to another realm as alternative reality” power of AR with the Isekai 異世界 narrative in Japanses fantasy world, in which the protagonists are send toward another world and manage to survive there, usually with skills and experiences they learn from the real world. I will also use this project as an experimental field of multiple techniques and aesthetics, blending 2d asset with 3d, text with other media, manga and flm, game and visual novel, etc. 

When the miserable green boy is first transported to the dungeon and asks for help in desperate.