Collaboration with Johnny Zhou and Jason Xu

Phobia is a speculative 3d-projection animation made with Unity and AE. It is a short film with an atmosphere of classic horror films. I coorperate with my classmates to build this work and I take charge of story board, 1/3 of the scenes and the animation for title and  narrative. I got the basic skills in scene building, rendering,  animating and character controling coding through Unity after making this project. This project’s effect is the best when screening it with projector and 3d glasses. It was exhibitioned both in IMA Spring Show and FutureLab show. 



Floatland is my final project for the interdisciplinary seminar Photographing Peace, which is a seminar about photojournalism and  humanitarian approaches in all over the world. The process of reading interviews, essays and photos provokes me to think about the  boundary between reality and fiction and the relationship between photographers and subjects. Foatland is a work around a virtual land (created by Unity) expressed through still photos and text. Many techs and themes are discussed here like staging, post-processing, game engines,  self-reflection, social media... It is a magnetic fied, a simulator, a metaphor for part of the real world.