Graphic Design, Creative coding

Neo Internet Cafe is a web experience design project that recreates the internet cafe culture which is popular in the 1990s and 2000s China. This is an online social space that allows real-time audio and video transmission for 6 person to communicate. The space also ahs multiple internaction mechanisms to simulate the physical space. 


My inspiration for this project derives from my previous experience in making virtual web space through p5.js. My personal online surfing experiences also inspires me to retrive the sense of gathering & online. So I think of Internet Cafes, which is a space created under special social-techno background for people to surf onine. I would like to reinterpret the space mode from individually physical to collectively virtual. 

Visual Research

Research on some video conference systems designs

Design Element

The design process iterates from 2d to 3d with step-by-step developments in the interface and layout design to contain the maxinum input-output loop for users to explore. The visual elements majorly derives from Chinese visual styles in the 2000s. 

User Testing

After several groups of user testings, I got feedbacks on adding more controls and feedbacks to the user’s bahaviors. 

Final Output

Link to experience: