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Skin ≈ Sick is an ongoing zine/graphic design/artist book project initiated for a seminar course based on the intertwining topics of disease, tattoo and skins in the pandemic time. As someone who is always intrigued by body modification culture, I find skins to be an essential part in our lives to a degree that most people are not aware of. Marking our skins is a way to exteriorize our interna change in ideas, emotions and personalities,and even for those who are not into body modification, skins also reflect our health condition and is a medium of expressing intimacy. Therefore, I decide to start this project by designing a series of tattoo patterns to reflect the influence of desease on us both physically and mentally. The project is going slowly with only half of the design process is finished. It would be a combination of hand-painting and poem-like narratives. The project is still under developing.

Initial Ideation Process

Tattoo design sketches

First layout draft