The Unikely Journey of Inch Ichi

Self-driven Project

The Unikely Journey of Inch Ichi is a 16-mins long short film I shoot in summer 2020. The storyline is simple: A girl with mental disorder  begins a mysterious homecoming journey in the pandemic-stricken Beijing for her friend, a taciturn doll named "Inch Ichi" who has the power to twist space and time. The pandemic social context around America and China triggers me to focus on the distance between people and how we situate, self-quarantine, and reflect ourselves. Space and time is blurred in an  individual’s mind, and I connects it with my hometown Beijing, a city with multiple layers and images. It is a dream-like encounter with Popol Vul atmosphere between complicated innerself and the strange world outside, an ontological problem every modern human beings need to face. I also add my personal aesthetics inside the film, as dolls as the mimisis of humanbeings always intrigue me a lot.

This film is my personal project and I learned a lot practical skills through it. I wrote, directed, edited and particapted with many other process of making it, like production design, sound recording and post-production. I also need to thank my supporting friends inside and outside of the crew who helped me to finished it. 

Selected Screening History

Golden Plume Film Festival(2021) - Online Screening Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival(2022) - Online Screening

Recent Official Selection History

The City New Wave Youth Film Exhibition(2022)
Blow-up Arthouse Film Fest- Chicago(2022)
Madrid Indie Film Festival(2022)
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival(2022)
Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival(2022)
Hallucinea Film Festival(2022)

Bratislava International Film Awards(2021)

Below is the link for the trailor.