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3D, Motion Graphics, Audiovisual

Collaborated Work from Gallatin 4th Wave DIgital Arts Workshop

This is an ongoing collaborated music video I made with 3 other sound artists/musicians, Connie Li, Rob Walker and Conny Zhao. The concept about this project is a surrealistic hypnosis experience which introduces a mental journey between the daily experiences and the eeries feelings, between the analog and the digital. It strutinizes our life from the deeper nutshell of one human being’s mind, looking at our perceptions from an alternative way. I developed the visual contents starting from building 3d animations by Blender, then synchronizing them with sound through max/msp, and finally edited & post-processed the video in editing softwares. This piece of work was presented on Gallatin Arts Festival 2022.

First stage prototyping & demos:

Stills from the final video & Poster:

Final Video Output