Mnemosyne AR


Mnemosyne is a series of AR experience with 4 chapters. The work integrates my experience and reflection about interacting with public spaces through my 3d creations, and is further developed into an image-detection AR app that allows people to download and explore freely. This AR experience is also derived into my similarly named conceptual platform design for an AR based content creation app Mnemosyne︎︎︎.

The core concept of the project is an exploration of the merge between textures, shapes, images by placing them virtually in the reality. The scenes are created as crystalization of memories and real-time experiences, achieving a meditated experience that is unique for mixed reality technologies. Instead of viewing it as a time-based media or a book, the experience is more similar to using an app sporadically, which is ephemeral, spontaneous, and random. The 4 sets of scenes could create multiple combinations with physical locations, adds uncertainty to the creation of memory under digital technology’s interference. 

For Android version, download and eperience here.

For more information about the inspiration and the process of this project, please visit iidrr’s interview here.

3D composition of the scenes

The AR implementation